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Research Tools and New Gadgets

Getting the right tools will bring the perfect result; we know people often use trials and errors to find gadgets, not expertise. 

Stop the guessing game if it will work or not.

Check our gadgets department for expert advice on all the latest media and related tools.

Multimedia Training     

We offer media and entertainment training by industry professionals with forty years of experience who have won several awards in their field of work. 

We can also organize custom training for organizations.

Are you looking for basic or advanced training in Video, Audio, and Digital Productions?

We will provide you with the following training.

• Video and Photography Camera Training- You will learn how to use Consumer, Prosumer, and Professional cameras.

•Producing -You will learn how to plan and create stories for T.V., Web, and Social Media.

• Lighting- You will learn the 3- and 6-points lighting skills and techniques.

• Writing and Storytelling – Writing is the chief indigent of content production. 

We will teach you how to make your writing Storyful and communicative. 

•Documentary Making- We will teach you the new techniques on how to tell a story in documentary production.

Reality Show Production- Reality show is the new best thing; we will teach how to structure your story and scenes to make sense to your audience.

PAS and Promos Making – There are set skills to promote your content; we have the expertise to train you to make your 30 minutes video to 30 seconds to tease your audience and make them yawn for more.

• Podcast Production- You will learn how to create a Podcast with the best software and the different platforms to air it on.

•Video Editing with Effects and Color Correction – You will learn the basic video editing with effects or color correction with Media Composer or Abode Premiere.

•Graphic Designing – You will learn how to use Adobe Photo-Shop, NewBlue and other graphic software.

• Free Software and Research Tools – You will learn to research genuine and free software and how to use them.

Brightest Town is offering Media Consultation on the following and how you could achieve them.

• T.V. Program Development

• Content Management

• Planning, Budgeting and Financing for a media project

• Buying Media Equipment and Software

• Researching 

• Writing Tools and Software

• Video Tools and Software

• Fashion Designing 

• Modeling

•Theme Event Planning 

Digital Visual Creation

•Web Design- You will learn how to design and develop a website. 

•App Design- You will learn how to create mobile apps.

• Social Media Influencer- Do you want to be an Influencer for brands on Social Media? 

You will receive free products ranging from clothing, makeup and other items to promote on social media. We will train you on how to attract companies to work with you.

• Blogging Training and Tools – You will learn how to design a blog, create content and get copyright-free pictures.

• Digital Marketing and SEO- You learn the different strategies to do digital advertisement. 

• Social Media Management- You will learn to create and plan social media content using scheduling apps.

• Digital Vision Boarding- We will teach you to create your goals digitally in one bar.

Digital Media Recommendations and Learning Videos

Digital media is any form of media that uses electronic devices for distribution. This form of media can be created, viewed, modified, and distributed via electronic devices. Digital media is commonly used in software, video games, videos, websites, social media, and online advertising.



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