Mbalu African Headwraps


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We design Balu head wraps based on the Krio culture in Sierra Leone with various local fabrics such as cotton print gara, bakit, krio print and linen.

 These wraps are available in different designs and colors and you can wear them to any occasion.


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History of Head Wrap

Headwraps or Head tie or Enkesha.

Headwrap is an important phenomenon in African culture for women and a symbol of cultural fashion. Headwrap originated in sub-Saharan Africa and it was used for spiritual purposes and to protect the head from the sun.

They also use it as a symbol to represent a woman’s status to show, if she is single or married or a widow. In some African culture men used head wrap too.


Mbalu African Headwraps

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Blue, Blue & Gold, Brown, Exotic Color, Gold, Green, Green, White & Blue, Light Pink, Mixed Black, Mixed Colors, Orange, Pink, Pink & Green, Red, Red & Gold, Yellow


Large, X-Large


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